An elegant new approach to lighting inspired by the beauty of nature:

Illuminated customizable wall panels that change with the seasons

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Gavin Worth is an internationally acclaimed artist who has created designs and custom sculptures for numerous world-class luxury brands, such as Tiffany & Co and Ralph Lauren.

Traveling extensively throughout the world while creating artwork, he discovered inspiration in some of its most hidden corners. He found the lustrous brass lamps hanging in the bazaars and souks of North Africa stunning for their intricate delicacy. While in France, he was inspired by the graceful movement of Art Nouveau influences.

By combining his well-known minimal stye that focuses on line, grace, and the beauty of natural forms with sumptuous natural materials, Gavin Worth Lighting will bring elegance into any room.

This is just the beginning.

Gavin Worth Lighting is built to be endlessly expandable. With classic, tasteful, and minimal design, Gavin Worth Lighting would be a perfect complement to modern, exotic, and traditional interiors. The pieces would be equally at home in a sleek modern flat, a rustic living room, or a world-class hotel. By offering a variety of interchangeable designs and material choices, such as French linen, Egyptian alabaster, brass, steel, and rich natural woods, Gavin Worth Lighting offers a truly personalized, bespoke creation.

Beyond changeable illuminated wall panels, we are busy at work designing chandeliers, pendant lamps, wall sconces and tabletop lamps.

Gavin Worth Lighting is currently seeking partnership and licensing opportunities to help develop and expand the series. We are also capable of creating custom designs for commercial spaces.

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We're currently accepting partnership and licensing inquiries as well as custom commercial projects. Individual sales will be available soon.

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